Our Culture Manifesto

Building the future of discovery requires the right culture.

Hello Outbrainers!

We are happy to share with you the official Outbrain Culture Manifesto.

It has been over a decade since we started the company and while we feel that we’ve built a strong company culture, we’ve never really formalized it, nor communicated it.

Our culture and values are things we strive to live by, and work by. And while the fundamental core spirit of these are permanent, our culture will constantly be evolving and progressing.

As we continue growing and scaling globally, we need better tools to maintain our cultural backbone, and to make sure that with all the great diversity we get from all the countries we operate in, we still always share a core set of values and behaviors across the company.

So, we created this document - Our Culture Manifesto.

What is written here should be our guiding light, or principles, for everything we do at Outbrain and it should be manifested into our day to day actions and behaviors. Sometimes some of the principles might contradict each other in corner cases. We trust you to use your best judgment and common sense, and use the values and behaviors described here as a guiding spirit, not a legal document.

This manifesto is a living document. Like our company culture, it will be updated from time to time as we see a need for it. It will be kept as an open document where we, as well as our future company leadership, can add or edit chapters within it.

We're very proud of you, our team that has formed our culture over the years, and we’re excited to hand you this document. We think you’ll find it interesting as it gives an observation of who we are as a team, what we stand for, and what it means to work at Outbrain.

It also captures our thoughts of what culture we desire to have moving forward.

Glad to have you with us and enjoy the reading.

Yaron & Ori

A Few Final Words

This is not a final version of Outbrain’s culture, nor will there ever be one.

As we said in the beginning, this Culture Manifesto is a tool for us to codify and shape the culture and behaviors of the team -- both those that we have AND those we aspire to.

Reality changes around us and the company will always face new challenges and the need to adapt. As we continue to grow the company, this manifesto does not cover all future aspects of our culture and we don’t expect it to. This book will stay open-ended, with new additions and improvements over time. We encourage each and everyone of our Outbrainers to take an active role in proposing improvements and additions to this book.

We hope reading this manifesto was educational, interesting and inspiring for you. After all, it represents who we are as a team and the team that we aspire to be.

We’re incredibly proud to have you on this journey with us. Thank you for being a part of our team.

Ori & Yaron